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My strengths are in responsiveness, attention to detail, and simplicity. I will work with you to get your custom website matching your business, organization, or personal needs as quickly as possible. By the time we're done, your site is clean, the code is sound, and your content is clear.

If you have a small business and need an Internet presence, but don't have the technical background or time to get started, I can help. Many of my clients are small business owners who want a website quickly, without spending too much money, and may or may not want to learn to update it directly.

You provide the content — logo, text, pictures, and captions. I can design a professional-looking site for you. Once you agree on the design, I can develop the pages of your site. Depending on your needs, I can teach you to be the webmaster so you can update your content directly, or I can be your webmaster.

Read about the types of services I offer below. I've included a section on how I work so you can find out more about my approach to consulting. I also offer some specialized services that you can explore: Expression Web Consulting and WordPress Consulting.

How I Work

Every client's needs are different. That said, I find I work best in a collaborative, give-and-take way with my clients. Here's a sample set of steps that seems to work fairly well:

Contact me to talk about your specific situation.

Types of Services

New Website Design

I am a website designer and developer. I create simple, straightforward, uncluttered designs that make the most of your content (text and pictures). Visitors to your website will find your site attractive and easy to navigate, with an emphasis on getting to the information they need.

One of my specialties is creating a custom website that you can manage on an ongoing basis. Many of my clients use Expression Web or WordPress. Most of my designs are intentionally simple making them easier for my clients to maintain. (See more about my Expression Web Consulting and WordPress Consulting services.)

As a website designer and developer, I'm familiar with tools, applications, and platforms. Using your preferences and content — text and graphics (I'm not a graphic artist) — and my experience, I make suggestions and guide you to a custom website that communicates your message to your target audience.

Every organization or business needs a Web presence. I can help you create yours.

Update Existing Website Design

Already have a website? If it has been a while since you updated the design of your website, you may want to consider freshening up the look and feel. Things change quickly in the Web world; we have evolved our understanding of what makes a successful website. We are removing some of the glitz and glamour (Flash, background images, frames, complex layouts, sound, etc.) in favor of simpler, easy-to-use designs that work on multiple devices (desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

For those of you who want users on mobile devices to find and use your website, you may want to consider whether Google thinks it is mobile-friendly. In the early spring of 2015 Google changed its search algorithm on mobile devices to give priority in search results to sites that are "mobile-friendly". As a result, many of my clients who either get or want traffic from mobile devices asked me to redesign their sites with this criteria in mind. (Check a page of your site against Google's "mobile-friendly" criteria.)

If you still like your basic design, and feel that it is getting too difficult for you to maintain — for example, you built it in FrontPage — or if your site no longer gets the traffic it once did, I can help you redesign it. Whether we choose Expression Web (see more about updating your FrontPage design for Expression Web on my Expression Web Consulting page), WordPress (find out more how I can help you with a WordPress website), or something else, you can regain control of your website.

Develop or Migrate Web Pages

Whether you need a new design, an updated design, or plan to use your existing design, you may need some pages created or significantly updated. Though I don't usually write your text (I have been known to edit a bit) or supply pictures, I will put your text and pictures onto a page in your website, and make sure there are adequate links for your visitors to find your content.

If you want to migrate your site from FrontPage to Expression Web, I can do the heavy lifting development work for you, leaving you with a cleaner, easier-to-manage site. Or, I can do the design migration and a few pages, then coach you as you do the rest of the migration yourself practicing Expression Web. Which method we choose depends on your interest, timing, technical skills, quantity of content, etc. (For more about migrating from FrontPage, please see my Expression Web Consulting page. Unfortunately, there is no simple, easy way to convert from FrontPage to Expression Web.)

If you're using WordPress as your website platform, you may need help finding plugins, adding special functionality, or making changes to the content. As a website developer, I can do all of these. If your WordPress website's plugins or theme are outdated (maybe no longer supported), I can recommend alternatives and complete the content migration to newer plugin/theme environments. Once the migration is done, changes to your website may be simpler and quicker. (Want to learn more? See my WordPress Consulting page.)

Maintain Content

Content consists of the text and pictures on your website. Occasionally, you want to update the content on your website. When you change content, you have to think about search-engine optimization, mobile-friendly criteria, page layout, and other factors not tied to the specific content. I can help with all of that.

A few of my clients find it more cost-effective to have me do all their website updates. If you don't have the time (or interest) to learn how to make changes directly, I can certainly do this for you. It's fairly straightforward. You just email a list of the changes you want and I make them. Once I've established a connection to your hosting provider, I complete most content changes with a day or two. Done!

Train / Coach

I love to share knowledge. I taught adult classes in Web design and development, search engine optimization, and marketing for several years. I do quite a bit of one-on-one tutoring. Much of the time, my clients are interested in learning to use specific applications or technologies. For example, the following tools and technologies are frequently on the agenda:

To find out more about my coaching and training services, please go to my Training page.

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