Resource List

Here are some resources to get you started. This is not a complete or thorough list by any means. No recommendations or endorsements are implied by listing a link here; this is just an effort to help you on your learning path.


Hosting providers

Look for the following items when evaluating services:

Some popular hosting providers are very difficult to work with. They may have a lot of upcharges or add-ons, making their initial very low entry price inflate as you try to get the features you need for your website. They may also have complex or convoluted procedures for doing basic tasks like transferring a domain registration from them to another registrar.



FTP clients





For faster page loads, less bandwidth usage, more flexibility in design options, and improved mobile performance, images should be both sized to fit the design and optimized/compressed to use as little disk space as is practical.



Note: Microsoft no longer provides Expression Web. It will continue to work on computers where it is currently installed, but clients need to decide on an approach for their next website migration. Migration options include: a new toolset, a website builder, a new platform, customized changes of the design for easier content updates, etc. The only tool I have found so far that is comparable to Expression Web is Adobe Dreamweaver, although it is less user-friendly and requires a learning curve.

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