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Starting from scratch or wanting to update an existing design, template, or theme? Let's collaborate to build a visitor-focused, mobile-friendly design or enhance your existing design. Read more about my Design services …


Functionality (including contact forms, PayPal interfaces, product databases, etc.) can improve your visitor's experience and make maintaining your website easier. I can help you improve existing capabilities on your site, or give your website new capabilities, with a focus on enhancing your customers' experience. Learn about my Development services …


Content — your text and your pictures — is aimed at your target audience. As your business or organization changes, your website content needs to be updated. When you have new content, I can update existing pages or create new ones for it. For details, refer to my Maintenance services


Websites can be complicated. I'll help you translate the techno-speak about servers, domains, and specific tools. If you want to manage your website by yourself, great! If you need a little help in learning how, consider my Training/Coaching services …

How Can I Help You?

I'm an independent Web consultant — responsive, helpful, and willing to collaborate on your website. If you need a website designer, web developer, or coach, contact me to discuss your situation. Once I have an idea of what you want done, we can talk about timeframes, costs, and how to proceed.

Davis W. Morton

Davis W. Morton

Artists, with an eye for design and color, sometimes have difficulty with standard website templates. They have definite ideas about how their site should look, and often need some help in figuring out how to get it there.

This client, a painter, needed some help using Expression Web to get his website the way he wanted it. We had several coaching sessions over the phone. I answered his questions and helped him come up with steps to achieve his goals.

His website went live in 2013. Since he maintains his own website, he relies on my help only occasionally, as needed, to coach him through issues.