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Many clients come to me with an older website they maintain. In most cases, they want to update the design to be mobile-friendly with a more modern look. I collaborate with them to design a new look and feel that allows them to still maintain the content. Read more about my Design services …


Functionality (including contact forms, PayPal interfaces, product databases, etc.) can improve a visitor's website experience. I help clients improve existing capabilities. Also, I've given their websites new capabilities, with a focus on enhancing their customers' experience or making it easier for them to maintain. Learn about my Development services …


Content — text and pictures — is aimed at the website's target audience. As my clients' businesses change, their website content needs to be updated. When my clients prefer not to do the ongoing updates themselves, I update existing pages or create new ones as needed. For details, refer to my Maintenance services


Websites can be complicated. I've helped my clients translate the techno-speak about servers, domains, and specific tools. Clients who want to manage their own website and need a little help in learning how or have a specific problem to address have used my Coaching services ….

Featured Client

AC Asphalt Sealing & Maintenance

A lot has changed since 2010! Back then, with input from the client, I redesigned the website, keeping some of the theme elements and flavor. Then, using a revised service list and content from both the previous site and supplemental information from the client, I developed and published the pages.

In 2018, the client asked me to make some minor design updates and focus on making the website work well on mobile devices like cell phones. Since then, there have been only a few minor design updates: social network links, logo update, slideshow on home page, font changes, and very minor layout modifications.

Content changes are infrequent on this site. Security issues arise periodically that require some attention.