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Southwest Extreme Precipitation Symposium

The Southwest Extreme Precipitation Symposium's purpose is to share knowledge about extreme precipitation events in the Southwest Region of North America — droughts to floods. They conduct an annual technical gathering and publish speaker presentations in audio and PDF formats on their website.

A young organization, I helped inaugurate their website in 2018. The design is mobile-friendly (responsive to different screen sizes). To make it easier to find presentations, there are several methods to locate a specific topic or speaker:

  • A search field, on every page, uses Google's search engine to show pages within the Symposium's website when a search word or term is entered
  • Topics are listed by year for those doing subject-matter research
  • There is also an index by speaker with presentation titles
  • Additionally, a website visitor can browse through the abstracts of presentations on the page for any given year

Since the content on this website is primarily text, you won't see the splashy pictures and galleries common on more commercial sites. However, for the client's target audience — water supply managers, emergency managers, reservoir operators, academics and researchers, consultants, etc. — the site is a valuable reference resource.