About Us (or me, actually)

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Dorene's picture.My Background

You've already figured out that my name is Dorene Matney. I've been an independent web consultant since 2005. I have an MBA and over 30 years of experience in business. I worked as a computer programmer, application analyst, project manager, system manager, systems engineer, technical consulting engineer, quality engineer, software designer, software developer, program manager, IT process consultant, and website developer among many other roles in my professional career.

My Interests

My interests are in the following areas:

Ideally, I want to get you going and then be a resource if you need additional assistance. Otherwise, I get out of the way. For design issues, my clients and I discuss the underlying technology with an eye on how they plan to maintain it in the future. I want you to understand what it will take to maintain your website over time based on your design choices.

Of course, no two situations are identical. I like the variety of each client's business and situation. I've worked on simple websites — just text and pictures — as well as complex websites with e-commerce applications, intricate design needs, and bells and whistles. Another aspect of the variety I see is in the size of websites: some are small (say, less than 10 pages) while others are quite large (1000 pages or more!).

My Skills

My technical skills for web consulting encompass several technologies, tools, and programming languages. For example, I've worked on websites with the following: HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc. The tools I use vary depending on the task. When I design/develop a custom website for my clients, I choose a toolset based on their technical interest and skills as well as the website requirements.

I am not a graphic designer, but I design a clean and straightforward web presence — attractive, useful, search engine friendly, and mobile-friendly. For clients with a specific graphical design, I customize a design tailored to their vision.

Locations I Serve

My clients are located in various parts of the United States. Here's a partial list:

I am located in Auburn, CA (near Sacramento), and work well remotely via phone and email.