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Starting from scratch or wanting to adapt an existing design, template, or theme? Let's collaborate to build a visitor-friendly (and mobile-friendly) design or enhance your existing design. Read more about my Design services …


Functionality (including contact forms, PayPal interfaces, product databases, etc.) can improve your visitor's experience and make maintaining your website easier. I can give your website the capabilities you want or help you adapt existing capabilities (e.g., WordPress "plugins") as needed. Learn about my Development services …


Content (your text and your pictures) is aimed at your target audience. As your business or organization changes, your website content needs to be updated. I can help you publish or post your content to new or existing pages. For details, refer to my Maintenance service


Websites can be complicated. I'll help you translate the techno-speak about servers, domains, and specific tools (like Expression Web or WordPress). If you want to manage your website by yourself, great! If you need a little help in learning how, consider my Training/Coaching service …

How Can I Help You?

I'm an independent Web consultant — responsive, helpful, and willing to collaborate on your website. If you need a website designer, web developer, or coach, contact me to discuss your situation — what you want done, timeframes, costs, and how to proceed.

Featured Client

Purple Rock USA

Originally founded to make a difference to the lives of women in Zimbabwe, this small business sells beaded bra straps (a fashion accessory also known as "shoulder jewelry") in their online store. As a shopping website, there's an online catalog of products, a shopping cart (provided by PayPal), and checkout functionality (also provided by PayPal).

In 2010, I was hired to update the website. A couple of years ago, they decided to significantly simplify the website. It was also a good time to conform the site to Google's "mobile-friendly" criteria so more people could find and shop for the bra straps on their phones.

While we were making the "mobile-friendly" design changes, we also made some other changes:

  • Streamlined the navigation menu
  • Removed the e-commerce database and code, and replaced it with a simple text file of product information
  • Added PayPal shopping cart functionality

I provided a short instruction manual and a training session to help the client with minor content changes. If the need arises, I'm available to help with more complex changes like new pages, menu changes, troubleshooting, etc.

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